The Almshouses

Information For Applicants

Lewisham Parochial and Almshouse Charities administer two almshouses. They are modern buildings with secure and comfortable self-contained flats for fully independent living, with the support of a House Manager, Premises Manager and out of hours Telecare Support.

The Trustees award the benefit of flats in the almshouses on licence and on an in-need basis.

Lloyd Court

Slagrove place, SE13 7LP

  • 21 self- contained flats
  • Communal lounge and kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Guest room
  • Garden area

Application Requirements

  • Minimum age of 60
  • Living within the boundaries of the ancient parish of Lewisham
  • Maintaining an independent lifestyle
  • In financial hardship and/or are unable to maintain a good living standard within their current accommodation

The Colfe and Hatcliffe Glebe

347 Lewisham High Street, SE13 6NY

  • 11 self- contained flats
  • Communal lounge and kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • Garden area

Application Requirements*

  • Minimum 60 years of age, however, Trustees are able to consider people under the age of 60 depending on circumstances.
  • Living within the borough of Lewisham or have previously lived within the borough of Lewisham.
  • maintaining an independent lifestyle.
  • In financial hardship and/or are unable to maintain a good living standard within their current accommodation.

* Trustees are considering redevelopment of the Colfe and Hatcliffe Glebe almshouse, as a result, only temporary licences for this scheme can be granted at the present time.

Information for applicants (Almshouse Availability)

The Trustees of the Lewisham Parochial and Almshouse Charities appoint residents for two almshouses: Lloyd Court and The Colfe and Hatcliffe Glebe. The day to day running of the almshouses is however, carried out by two separately registered charities and for this reason some details differ between the two buildings.

When the Trustees have vacancies at both almshouses they will award the benefit of an almshouse flat on an in-need basis, bearing in mind the circumstances of the candidates being interviewed. Whilst candidates are always welcome to express a preference for a particular building, it is not always possible to accommodate this: there is, of course, no obligation to accept the place offered. Offers are confirmed subject to a satisfactory report being obtained from the applicant’s doctor. This is to ensure that the residents will be capable of the kind of independent living expected within the community of the almshouses. i.e. who are able to cook, wash, clean and shop for themselves. The Trustees support residents who require carers but between these visits residents need to be able to do the basic tasks to look after themselves.

It is a condition of appointment that applicants must nominate a Next of Kin.

Residential Vacancies

 No current vacancies

The Application Process

Once a completed application form has been received applicants are grouped on a list of interested parties to be considered for flats most applicable to them (for example, if they need a ground floor or wheelchair accessible flat) taking into consideration the applicant’s preference where possible. When a flat becomes vacant those on the relevant list group will be contacted to make sure they still wish to be considered. They will be invited to come and view the flat and then a visit to their home by two Trustees will be arranged. This meeting is for applicants to ask questions, to meet the Trustees, and to confirm details supplied in the application form: a friend or family member is welcome at this meeting.

Following this meeting applicants will either be recommended and invited for interview or informed that the almshouses would not offer the right accommodation they need. 1st interviews are then held with 3 or 4 Trustees at one of the almshouses and following these, the Trustees will make their decision as to whether to proceed to 2nd interviews or award the benefit of the flat on a conditional basis. (confirmed once a satisfactory report from the applicants’ doctor has been received together with the result of a satisfactory background check).

“I feel happy living in Lloyd Court. The staff and residents are very friendly and the place is very clean and secure”
– James, Resident

Almshouse living

The weekly maintenance contribution (WMC) residents are required to pay varies but is currently between £120 and £160 depending on the flat. The charges are reviewed annually. Residents become beneficiaries of the charity and are not tenants. A form of licence must be signed, and residents must also sign to say that they will abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to the almshouses. The Trustees require that the WMC is paid in advance by Standing Order to the Trustees’ bank account and it is preferred that it is set up as a weekly payment. Many residents qualify for housing benefit and the current system in Lewisham is that this is paid directly to individuals.

At both almshouses, the WMC covers the cost of all the heating and the lighting and cleaning of communal areas. Laundry facilities are provided which may be used by residents at a cost of £1 per wash or dry and tokens for the machines can be purchased from the House Manger each week. Residents may have their own washing machines where space allows. The Trustees maintain all the common areas including the gardens. Flats are redecorated between residents and otherwise deemed as necessary by the Trustees. Flats are provided with carpets and curtains or blinds. Residents should not make any alterations, carry out redecoration or install shelving, etc, without the prior permission of the Trustees.

Electricity is metered at both buildings and is billed quarterly to residents by the Finance and Administration Manager. All residents are responsible for the payment of their own Council Tax: the majority of the flats are in band A or B. Both buildings are covered by a Concessionary TV Licence, allowing residents to benefit from a reduction in TV licensing fees to £7.50 per year. (those over 75 will have a free licence as usual).
Whilst telephone points are provided, the Trustees cannot take any responsibility for ensuring a connection and residents must make their own arrangements for this with a telecom provider. Neither building is connected to cable, but the option for connecting to Sky TV is available at both buildings with each resident being responsible for setting up their own account. Digital TV is of course available via set-top box or smart TV, with each resident supplying their own.

At Lloyd Court the Trustees provide an electric cooker and hob, but not fridges/ freezers or other white goods. In addition, the water is metered, and it is the responsibility of the resident to inform Thames Water when they move in, who will then bill them directly.
At the Colfe and Hatcliffe Glebe the Trustees provide each flat with an electric cooker and hob, fridge/freezer and a microwave oven. The water is not metered, and the charges are met by the Trustees.
Whilst the information contained in this document was correct at the time of writing the Trustees may alter the detailed arrangements for the running of the almshouses at any time. This will not normally be done without consultation or sufficient notice unless it is beyond the control of the Trustees.

Finance and Administration Manager

May 2021