Grant Applications

Before you apply

Lewisham parochial and Almshouse Charities are a small local charity. We receive a nominal income from investments which enables us to provide small grants to help people in financial hardship living within the Ancient Parish of Lewisham (Please check the map below to ensure you are eligible to apply) that need help with the cost of essential living items or schooling. Whilst the Trustees try to help as many people as they can, it is not always possible due to the number of people applying and the funds available.

 Grants are available from the following charities:

The Lewisham Relief in Need Charity​

Charity number: 1025779

For individuals living within the boundaries of the Ancient Parish of Lewisham and in need of essential items for their health and welfare, such as Kitchen appliances, beds and carpeting.

The Lewisham Relief in Need Charity provides small grants for items only, we do not provide cash grants or pay for bills, debts, utilities, or services.

Please ensure you include all relevant documentation to support your application.

Lewisham General trust

Charity number: 1025794

For organisations working within, and for the residents of the Ancient Parish of Lewisham (see map Below) requiring funding for projects. Please write to the Finance and Administration Manager at detailing your project and how it supports local people.

The Trustees of the Lewisham Parochial Charities consider all Grant applications at Trustee meetings every three months. Please ensure your application and any supporting documents reach us at least two weeks before the next Trustee meeting is due to be held.

Please see our meeting dates page to find out when the next Trustee meeting is being held and the deadlines for applications.

Complete applications must be submitted before the deadlines for applications. Please note that applications will be considered 14 days after this deadline at a Trustee Meeting. But applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications 7 days after the meeting, (approximately 21 days after the submission deadline) please do not contact us before this time.

Applications without relevant supporting documents will not be considered.

Late applications will be considered at the following meeting if they are still eligible. 

Ancient Parish Of Lewisham Boundary Map

If the address entered is within the boundary of the Ancient Parish of Lewisham, it will be in the blue shaded area of the map, all unshaded areas of the map are outside of the boundary.

Use the Address or postcode search box located at the top left of the map to check individual addresses

Alternatively check the simple map below.